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Family Communication at Milestone Lane

Milestone Lane focuses on providing exceptional childcare and academic excellence, and the Milestone Lane’s Owner, Directors, Asst. Directors and Teachers are always here for you and your families.


We make open communication with parents and staff our priority; fostering a mutual respect and trust. We believe in an open door policy and encourage families to actively participate in your child's daily activities and community events.


To keep parents and families informed, we communicate through a variety of different communication methods, including the following:

Daily Activity/Weekly Reports

Infants & Toddlers

At the end of your infant and /or toddler’s day you will receive a Daily Activity Report that highlights what your child did that day.


We also record how long your child napped, what they had for breakfast, pm snack and how much they ate at each meal.


We record each time your infant or toddler was pampered (diaper changes) and your toddlers potty training progress.


The teacher always writes a note about a special moment of your child’s day.

Preschool & Pre-K

At the end of your preschoolers and pre-K child’s week, you will receive a weekly report.


The weekly report includes information about your child’s week, such as the current theme, letter of the week, and different activities that went on throughout the week. It also includes upcoming events and reminders of any needs your child might have.

Parent Handbook

You can find more detailed information about our center's policies and procedures in the parent handbook. From admissions and enrollment, to daily schedules, it can all be found by clicking on the link below. 

Tuition Rates

Milestone Lane Westerville has extremely competitive tuition rates. You will not find a better rate for the care your child will receive at this center! Click on link below to see full details of tuition rates including sibling discount.

Check out our Blog  to see what your child is doing at Milestone Lane this week!

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Social Media

Click on Facebook or Twitter logo at the bottom of the page to be taken to MileStone Lane Westerville's social media sites.

See posts on what your children are doing each week in class, and connect with other parents!

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