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Milestone Lane Programs


While nurturing infants, encouraging toddlers to share or cheering on pre-schoolers to challenge themselves, our caring staff is committed to encouraging the cognitive, emotional and physical development of your child in a nurturing, secure and loving environment.

Caring staff will challenge your child from infant to preschool with age appropriate programs; and all the while your child will be learning through play – as they begin the journey to a lifelong love of learning- One Milestone at a time! 

Infants - 6 weeks to 18 months

Baby's first year is filled with amazing growth and discovery. Our caring and nurturing staff understand each developmental stage an infant moves through on their way to becoming a toddler.

  • Our nursery includes a play area full of stimulating, age appropriate toys that help each child develop at their own pace.

  • Our separate sleeping alcove creates a safe, warm and secure sleeping environment.

  • Music and story time that encourage and develop language skills.

  • Baby's first steps transitions your child into our Mobile infant room, 1 year to 18 months.


The caring staff at Milestone Lane is dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving environment with an understanding that a lifelong love of learning begins in infancy and is achieved - One Milestone at a Time!

With our developmentally inclusive programs, we are ready to reach milestones as soon as your child is!



While encouraging toddlers to share and while developing their social skills, our caring staff provides routine and consistency in your toddler’s day. Our caring staff understands that toddlers are always exploring their world and are dedicated to turning every new experience into a fun, exciting and new opportunity to learn.

  • Learning as we play with imaginary play, puzzles, building blocks, creative art, music & movement and story time.

  • Circle time develops social growth and language skills with stories, songs and sharing with friends. . . Introducing shapes, colors, numbers and letters.

  • A wide range of games are played to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

  • Toddlers are energetic and full of curiosity. Our caring staff supports and reinforces your child while learning to assert their newly found independence.

  • Potty training is a milestone in your toddler’s life. Our staff works with parents to achieve that potty trained milestone reinforcing your child’s independence.

  • Small group settings to meet the needs of each child


At Milestone Lane, our caring staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving environment for your curious and energetic toddler, with an understanding that the love for learning is a journey that begins with every new and exciting experience and is achieved - One Milestone at a time!

Nursery School
Pre-School & Pre-K

Our pre-school goal is to prepare your child for the journey that leads them to kindergarten and on to a lifetime of learning.


Our teacher’s interaction with your child is enthusiastic and demonstrates a mutual respect for each child. Independence and self-reliance is encouraged and each child is challenged according to their individual needs and abilities.


Our teachers understand that “Play” is essential to your child’s physical, social, cognitive growth and development.


Using the HighScope Curriculum our teachers incorporate the perfect balance of play and learning into their daily lessons and activity plans.​

Click link at bottom of page to see more specifics on curriculum.

Kids in Preschool


At Milestone Lane, our curriculum choice is “The HighScope Curriculum”. Please click on the link below for more information on our curriculum.

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